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The project resulted from findings that out of a population of about 15 million, 9 million Somalis lack access to electricity services, and the cost of power in the country is among the highest in the world.
Portable, solar-powered irrigation helps small farms reduce hunger caused by climate change. Each irrigation kit rotates among community members. Participating families pay $.50 per hour when borrowing the irrigation system, which is then used by the group collectively for maintenance.
Somalia lacks a national power grid and relies on imported fuel and wood and charcoal for its energy needs. But energy experts say with the longest coastline in mainland Africa and an average of 10 hours of sunshine per day, Somalia has great potential for onshore wind and solar power.
The programme targets private sector companies and microfinance institutions that are commercially active. This programme aims to enable 300,000 people access clean energy and create jobs for both youth and women.

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