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The project includes extending power to households and businesses that ultimately will see more than 350,000 people secure reliable electrictity. And it includes a renewable energy element with a solar grid to power 70 villages.
The absence of water and sewage networks in the village of Kenewal due to environmental and anthropic phenomena, causes contamination of the groundwater and traditional wells. A solar hydraulic infrastructure equipped with osmosis purification and UV sterilization systems shall solve this by providing free access to potable water.
The French company Lagazel is inaugurating its third solar kit manufacturing unit in Thiès, Senegal. This locally manufactured equipment enables the electrification and productive use of solar photovoltaic energy in rural areas in Africa.
With Guinea and Senegal benefiting from at least 2,000 to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, a project implemented under the Agricultural and Rural Prospects Initiative (ARPI) will enable the installation of solar-powered irrigation systems for the development of sustainable agriculture in these West African countries.
Their training was made possible through a partnership between DP World and BCI, a non-governmental organisation, which hosted the course at their regional centre in Toubab Dialao, a village around 60 km from the capital, Dakar.
Powered by an array of solar panels with a combined 14.8 kW capacity, the solar pumping system can pump up to 2,000 cubic meters of water daily down a 7 km irrigation canal. Benefiting up to 400 market farmers, the project has been implemented by non-governmental organization (NGO), Enda Tiers Monde.

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