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Combining connection and reliability rates shows that only about four in 10 citizens (39%) enjoy a reliable supply of electricity, including just 11% of those with no formal education, 18% of rural residents, and 24% of citizens experiencing high lived poverty.
Mozambique government troops have grappled with an insurgency since 2017. Although this national security matter could deter foreign development and investment, the presence of independent power producers currently working in the region prove some companies do not deem it a risk, according to the head of the Africa Solar Industry Association.
The Zimbabwean government has drilled 115 solar-powered boreholes in the Midlands province, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced. The program is designed to provide safe and convinient access to drinking water for rural communities, as well as to support market gardening and rural industries.
SolarPower Europe describes how Mozambique may take full advantage of its huge solar potential by implementing its recently launched Renewable Energy Auctions Programme for large-scale projects, while also pushing for more off-grid renewables in remote areas.
Approval and dissemination of these legal instruments will allow Mozambique to write a new phase in the country’s history of access to energy in off-grid areas thanks to the farsighted work of the energy sector Government authorities and BRILHO programme (funded by the UK and Swedish governments, and implemented by SNV).
GET.Invest has approved approximately $1.8 billion for 144 renewable energy projects in Mozambique from 2016 to 2023. These projects were proposed by private enterprises and are part of a larger pool of nearly 1,400 submissions. Out of these, 380 projects received backing, and 70 are currently in the final stages of securing funding.
Over the past 15 years, the country has lost about four million hectares of forest due to unregulated logging and other human actions, according to forestry sector experts, who said the provinces of Nampula, Manica and Sofala have witnessed the highest rates of deforestation.

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