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FinEU ELLEN, led by E-Long Life Energies Nouvelles (ELLEN), specializes in providing large Solar Home Systems (HES) with capacities of up to five kilowatts. The company’s innovative approach, operating under the brand ‘E-Longlife solution,’ caters to middle-class households, farmers, and commercial clients in the Sahel region.
E-Longlife Energies Nouvelles offers prepaid off-grid electricity access in rural areas and has locations across Mali, Niger and Chad. The Mali collective in the Kolondieba commune services 150 members, the majority of whom are middle-aged to senior women.
Fetching water from distant sources is a common practice in many villages in rural Africa. Niagalen Konaté is no stranger to this as she had to collect water from faraway places to irrigate her garden. But with the newly installed solar water pump, she is now able to avoid this strenuous errand.
Decentralised renewable solutions have been central in efforts to increase energy access while decarbonising the energy sector in rural areas.The number of people connected to mini-grids using solar, hydro, and biogas technologies has more than doubled between 2010 and 2019, with 11 million people connected in 2019.

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