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RESPITE – a $311 million regional project supported by the World Bank and approved on December 20, 2022, with legal agreements signed – aims to rapidly increase grid-connected renewable energy capacity and strengthen regional integration in the participating countries.
The executive director of Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Wilfred Johnson, has described access to reliable energy as fundamental in safe-guarding Liberia’s forest against deforestation but added that inadequate access to energy is a recipe for continuous deforestation in Liberia.
The one-day meeting was a consequence of President George Weah’s concern about the woeful outage of power in Liberia. In recent months, flights have redirected to other countries while Liberians in the twenty-first century sleep in darkness due to the lack of electric power in the country.
President George Manneh Weah has issued Executive Order #107 suspending import tariffs on the types of off-grids solar lighting appliances, equipment and system components, and other systems directly related to renewable energy development classified under the Tariff Numbers of the Liberia Revenue Code.
The project implemented by Cities Alliance with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, (BMZ), has provided local trade associations representing fishermen and fishmongers with freezers and ice makers powered by solar panels.

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