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The installation of the 18Kw Solar Power System with 28.8Kw battery capacity not only ensures a reliable energy source for the Bright Star Orphanage but also reflects APM Terminals Liberia’s commitment to sustainable initiatives that benefit both the community and the environment.
A local energy company, New Energy Electric Vehicles (NEEV), is paving the way for a transportation revolution in Liberia. By introducing innovative solutions like the solar tricycle (kehkeh) and a range of all-electric bikes, NEEV aims to improve commuting experiences for citizens going to work, school, or other places of interest.
The Government of Liberia through the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) launched the Liberia solar home system result-based financing (LSHS-RBF) project to provide off-grid electricity for rural communities in Liberia’s 15 counties. Under the project, EnDev will pilot both: direct subsidies and incentivizing operational costs.
The 45kw is worth a little over $100,000 United States dollars. The installation was done by Elise Renewable Power Liberia, generating electricity from solar panels on the roof and stored in lithium-ion batteries.
Eighteen years after civil war ended in Liberia, in a school located in a rural village that helps make rubber for Bridgestone, the revolution isn’t around political power or guns. It’s about using technology to personalize learning and unlock progress for children who otherwise would struggle to learn to read and do math.

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