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Kenya’s demand for electricity has hit a new peak demand of 2,051 megawatts(MW) up from 2,036MW recorded in November 2021, pointing to accelerated growth and recovery in demand which slowed down in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Billionaire Kenyan investor Julius Mwale has made an entry into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) market where he will be establishing a solar battery manufacturing plant. The project will seek to power cities in Kenya and the rest of Africa including DRC.
Kenya recently announced that its national parks and game reserves will only allow non-fossil fuels to access it national parks and game reserves by 2030. In addition, all hospitality and tourism facilities will be required to adapt renewable energy and circular economy in their operations.
The number of customers connected to the national grid under the Rural Electrification Programme grew from 1.5 million in 2019/20 to 1.9 million in 2020/21, official government data shows. This pushed the total number of customers connected to electricity in Kenya to above 8,278,203 that had been recorded as at the end of June 2021.
The cooking gas subsidy introduced by the Energy ministry in the 2016/2017 financial year was aimed at cutting reliance on kerosene and charcoal. Its implementation was hindered by suppliers who provided faulty cylinders.
SunCulture was born out of conversations Ibrahim and Nichols had about the growing threat of climate change while they were college students at New York University and Baruch College, respectively. After learning more about the rising popularity of off-grid solar technology, they decided to build a solar power system that could help small farmers.
Bboxx customers will place a deposit of KES 5,499 for the 50 Watts Mdosi 24 inch TV option or KES 7,999 for the 80 Watts Mdosi 32 inch TV option. The package customers get will be inclusive of a solar appliance, four bulbs, a rechargeable torch, USB charger and their StarTimes bouquet of choice which is paid for differently either daily, weekly or
Some fishing boats on Lake Victoria now use an electric motor rented from Dutch startup Asobo. It provides training, services the motors and charges the batteries with solar power. That helps to protect the ecosystem and cut the fishermen’s costs.
Five towers on a high-voltage power line have collapsed and the Ministry of Energy has indicated it has no funds to procure a contractor. Blackouts occur regularly in Kenya, partly because of an ageing energy network, forcing many businesses in Nairobi and other big towns to operate back-up generators or install solar systems.

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