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Powered by the abundant energy of the sun, this innovative water source implemented by WWF-Kenya, the Kenya Wildlife Service, and Ogulului Group Ranch has not only provided the community with a reliable supply of water but has also transformed the dynamics of human-wildlife interactions.
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What comes to mind when you think of visiting a school for kids with a wide range of mental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, downs drome among other conditions? If you consider yourself to be “mentally normal” like myself, then you expect finding kids who are sad and gloomy, shy and timid, hopeless and desperate.
Studies have shown that there are three critical areas in which start-ups tend to underperform: Explaining the nature of their business within the context of sustainability, describing their plans against robust forecasts and clearly communicating funding needs.
Kenyan startup founders on Tuesday called for the establishment of a supportive ecosystem to spur the growth of businesses that are key to transitioning the country from carbon-intensive to green growth. Policy reforms combined with targeted advocacy, training and financial support will enable these startups to scale up access to green innovations.
This is a partnership comprising two start-ups, E-Safiri and Kiri E.V., who will structure a joint venture called Sun Run. The project aims to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable transport solutions and other productive uses of renewable energy solutions such as cold storage within the fishing community.
The company says the new investment will go towards the distribution of electric cookstoves in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia and biomass stoves in Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, and Mozambique over the next two years. These products will avoid over 12 million tons of carbon emissions over the next 7 years.

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