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Some women farmers at the Dissah community in the North Gonja District, Savannah Region, have received a solar-powered irrigation facility to help boost their economic condition through dry season vegetable production. Initial 40 women farmers in the community are currently benefiting from the easy-to-operate irrigation facility.
The hubs, prefabricated kiosks, are used globally for various interventions, especially in off-grid locations as it was powered by solar and could provide uninterrupted electricity for the next fifteen years. They are equipped with Information and Communication Technology facilities such as desktop computer.
The financing, which will come from the Climate Investment Funds, Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program in Low Income Countries, will support construction of mini-grids, stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems, and solar-based battery facilities for storing excess power, a practise known as net metering.
Eco-International officially unveiled the EcoFlow line of portable power, and renewable energy solutions products at its showroom in Accra. Since 2017, EcoFlow has provided portable power stations, home backup power, and eco-friendly off-grid solutions in over 100 markets including the US, Japan, China, Australia, Europe, Nigeria and now Ghana.
Training is aimed at equipping local companies with practical experience and linking them with German experts from the solar industry. It is to offer the participants the opportunity to strengthen project development skills of local practitioners and to establish long-term partnerships with highly qualified German companies in the solar industry.
The news comes after the Puma’s fourteen solar projects at its retail stations and terminals in Ghana proved to be a huge success. The fourteen Puma Energy sites in Ghana demonstrate that the concept of solar installation works and Puma will now invest $33 million to offer solar solutions to its commercial and industrial customers across Africa.
EcoFlow, the portable power, and renewable energy solutions company is seeking distributors in Ghana for its industry-defining portable power stations. Global interest in Ecoflow’s product line increased after its portable home battery was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 best inventions of 2021.
For this to be achieved, Africa needs to chart its own path, underpinned by locally developed sustainable and affordable electric mobility solutions. To grow the local electric mobility ecosystem, a skilled local pool of human resources will be critical.

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