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A PV solar mini-grid has been installed in Chad with a distribution line that extends into communities far from the main power grid. The standalone mini-grid is a 78 kWp, groundmounted solar PV system with 324 kWh of battery bank storage.
Nearly 775 million people around the globe are estimated to have no access to electricity. In 2022, that number rose for the first time since the International Energy Agency (IEA) began tracking it. Most of the increase occurred in African states, where about 600 million people currently lack access.
The Emirati humanitarian team is continuing to provide relief support to Sudanese refugees and the local community through field visits to several villages near Amdjarass. The team installed solar-powered lighting units at the city centre of Al Hulla, as part of an initiative that aims to light up the local market, streets, and nearby villages.
The Chadian government has announced additional funding of 5 billion CFA francs (more than €7.6 million) for the implementation of the Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project in semi-urban and rural areas (PAEPA SU MR). The funding is being provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through its implementing agency AfDB.

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