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The Burundi government has launched a solar energy project for rural communities with the aim of increasing the electricity access rate and providing clean & efficient cooking solutions. The project, named ‘Soleil-Nyakiriza’ or Rural Community Solar Energy Project, is being rolled out by the Burundian Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines.
The FESEC Fund includes 3 funding windows: Start-up grants: targeting SMEs wishing to launch their activities in the sectors targeted by the Fund; Growth grants: Targeting already established businesses with capacity to distribute off-grid solar products as well as efficient and clean cooking products; Result-Based Financing
In Burundi, figures show that today access to energy is low and below the African average of 47%. Thanks to a government project funded by the World Bank and other development partners, Burundi expects the situation to improve in the coming years.
ICU Onlus – Institut pour la Coopération Universitaire invite les soumissionnaires intéressés à participer à cet Appel d’Offres International Ouvert pour la fourniture, l’installation, la mise en service, la formation/assistance technique de 26 systèmes photovoltaïques dans 30 écoles des Provinces Kirundo et Ruyigi au Burundi

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