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The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has approved a $1 million grant in support of the energy transition in Botswana. The technical assistance project supports the Government of Botswana in closing critical gaps in policy, regulatory and legal frameworks, which were identified at the Africa Energy Market Place (AEMP 2019).
Significant wind and solar potential and abundant biomass residues present considerable opportunities for Botswana to enhance domestic energy security and increase access to modern energy services, states IRENA in its report.
When the authors of May’s The Sky’s The Limit report named Botswana as the most ‘super-abundant’ renewable energy territory on earth, they can little have imagined how quickly the nation’s solar industry would leap forward.
Newly elected Renewable Energy Association of Botswana (REAB) Secretary, Tobias Bader has stated that Botswana energy sector needs to do a lot more to provide energy to the masses.

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