Chinese firms eye Kenya’s renewable energy sector amid potential for growth

Picture: Ivy Li (Flickr)

Chinese companies are keen to expand their footprint in Kenya’s renewable energy sector whose growth has accelerated against a backdrop of friendly policy and regulatory environment, senior executives said on Thursday.

The executives, who spoke to Xinhua at the eighth Africa oil and gas exhibition taking place in Nairobi, said they were keen to venture into Kenya’s clean energy solutions market.

Joanne Tan, overseas sales director of Guolong Electric Company Limited, said that Kenya presents new opportunities for manufacturers of solar technologies whose uptake in rural areas has spiked.

“We consider Kenya a strategic market for our solar products as the government promotes use of clean energy in homes and industries,” said Tan, adding that her company is sourcing for a local partner to expand presence in Kenya and neighboring countries.

She said that Gulong Electric Company Limited, a manufacturer of solar technologies based in Zhejiang Province, has a strong presence in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Tan said the expo presents an opportunity for her company to conduct extensive research on sustainability of solar solutions market in Kenya and the region.

“A survey on the general status of the market for solar products in this region is key to inform future investment decisions,” said Tan.

Chinese firms joined their counterparts from 30 countries to participate in the eighth edition of Africa oil and gas exhibition taking place in Nairobi from July 25 to 27.

Neal Wu, a regional sales executive at Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holding Company Limited, said his firm is keen to be a major player in cleaner energy revolution in Kenya.

“Our goal is to understand this market and how we can provide technologies that promote uptake of liquefied natural gas (LNG). We are already active in Nigeria where we provide equipment for LNG filling stations,” said Wu.

He said that investing in Kenya’s market for clean energy technologies is in line with Chinese companies’ quest to be an integral part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Elis Chen, sales manager of Shenzhen King Sako Electronics Company Limited, said last year’s entry into the Kenyan market has been a success given high demand for solar technologies.

“We have distributors in Kenya who have enabled us to reach a growing number of clients who request our integrated solar system,” said Chen.

Kenya presents a promising market for solar technologies as households, industries and institutions like schools and hospitals embrace clean technologies, she added.

Vincent Xiao, sales manager of Zhejiang Jiajiare New Energy Company Limited, said that demand for solar water heaters in Kenya has increased in line with the country’s green aspirations.

“We have been doing business for more than five years in Kenya and our solar water heating equipment has been received well by clients. The product is green and affordable,” said Xiao.

Source: XinHuaNet




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