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The crypto industry has been growing exponentially over the past years which has aroused the curiosity of several companies on how it could be applied in different sectors and especially the solar one.
Fatou Njie dropped out of school at age 17 but soon developed an interest in solar power after seeing other young women in her community learning to install solar panels.She has now trained around 80 students – many who also dropped out of school and hopes to help more women to become independent and self-sufficient.
Despite all this potential in East Africa, solar still contributes less than 2% of East Africa’s electricity mix. Hydro leads the way at about 54% and hydro’s share is still growing significantly, followed by natural gas at about 14%, then geothermal at about 12%.
For years, selling eggs was a joyless business for Danai Bvochora, as most of the money she made went to cover minibus fares to the market in a rural area of Zimbabwe. That was until an earth-brown solar-powered electric tricycle changed things for the better.
Agrivoltaics is the use of solar panels in agriculture to produce both food and electricity. Many experts believe agrivoltaics can minimize barriers to food security and the transition to clean energy. While the practice is still in its infancy, it is expected to grow as solar continues to boom throughout the next few decades.

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