Breakthrough Batteries: Powering the Era of Clean Electrification

The report examines how an increasingly electrified, Li-ion battery-dominated world in the near term will open, in the longer term, significant new market opportunities for other emerging battery technologies that are nearing commercial readiness. RMI’s analysis of emerging battery technologies identified six categories (in addition to advanced Li-ion) with significant potential for achieving commercial production by 2025.

RMI’s analysis identifies the implications of these breakthrough battery technologies for investors, regulators, policymakers, and other energy industry players, and identifies risk mitigation and investment strategies that can reduce potential stranded asset risks. It outlines strategies to encourage faster adoption and globally scaled manufacturing of innovative battery and storage technology ecosystems.

It is clear that breakthrough battery technologies will play a central role in our energy system sooner than previously thought possible, creating diverse opportunities for value creation and capture in the transition to a clean energy economy. But capturing the vast potential requires a holistic approach from public and private sectors alike. Collaborative, systems-based strategies to developing battery-enabled markets will provide an opportunity to hasten the rapid and economic transition to resilient, clean, and affordable energy systems.

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