Ask Watt: Your work-life questions answered

Ever had a difficult question or challenge at work but  wasn’t sure who to ask for advice? Perhaps you don’t know if what you are experiencing at work is “normal”? Feeling alone? We want to hear what work is like for you, hear how you can be supported so that every day you feel safe and comfortable at work- able to perform at your best. How can we provide services that help you solve the challenges you might be facing and get back to doing what you do best.. we need your help to understand your challenges and what makes you feel safe at work. Please let us know through this  survey: Safe Energy Spaces.

To start to help we have put together Ask Watt, a safe space to anonymously ask any question about work life. We have experts supporting us to give you the best advice for your concern. We want Ask Watt to be a place where  anyone in the energy access sector can find support and an understanding that there are others who are facing the same challenges , you are not alone. We hope this emboldens more of us to seek support but also drive changes both big and small in our organisations through starting to establish what should really be considered “normal” behaviour and best practise

We want to build out more services that create safe workspaces for everyone. If you are interested in talking to us we would love to hear from you. Let’s discuss how we can work together, how we can support you or if you want to share your experiences.

You can reach us:

We can’t wait to hear your ideas, questions and any programmes or initiatives you are working on!