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Private investment is needed for Africa to adopt renewable energy. Here’s why that investment makes sense
More and more private sector actors are moving into the PUE space. Their business models, progressively refined over recent years, are already showing compelling results in their ability to solve many of the challenges around PUE promotion and up-scaling.
The Power for All “Powering Jobs Census 2022” is a bottom-up count of employment in the DRE sector based on a survey of more than 350 companies across five countries: Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.
There are some barriers that need to be addressed from different angles and with different actors. These include, for example, low awareness of the benefits of renewable energy technologies and low support for local businesses that might be able to reach grassroots consumers at lower cost.
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Before analysing obstacles to Productive Use of Energy (PUE) promotion approaches, it is important to highlight the barriers experienced by rural end-users which continue to prevent uptake of PUE applications in Africa. These barriers have been analysed through different studies, though so far not listed methodically.
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Renewable energy is key to the future of Africa, which is forecast to be home to 2 billion people by 2050. Meeting their needs with sustainable sources of energy will be vital to the continent’s socio-economic development. Inclusive planning and consensus building will be vital for a successful clean energy transition for everyone.
Although Africa is blessed with some of the world’s largest hydropower and geothermal resources (10-15 GW of geothermal potential in the Rift Valley alone), bountiful solar and wind resources, total power generation capacity in Africa is about 80,000 megawatts (MW) (including South Africa), roughly the same as that of Spain or South Korea.


Dr. Harald Schützeichel

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